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Cognitive Composition: Thinking Based Writing

Rebecca Reagan presents at the International Conference On Thinking 2011 at Queens University Belfast.

Thinking Based Learning provides a way for students (and adults) to make careful and thoughtful decisions and to skillfully solve problems.  When viable choices are reached, there is a need to communicate these recommendations through persuasive writing that shows they have thought as carefully as anyone is able.  Developed in the classroom, Cognitive Composition has helped countless students become more skillful writers utilizing 3 important keys: deep and careful thinking about an important topic, a purposeful transition from the hard copy of their thinking to the blank page, and a step by step application of the writing process.  This technique can be extended to other forms of writing as well, i.e. expository, when students are engaged in other types of thinking such as Compare and Contrast. Thinking Based Learning extended into Thinking Based Writing is a powerful tool for those who want to communicate their thinking to others.
Rebecca Reagan


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