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Vygotsky in Action in the Early Years

Galina Doyla presents at the International Conference On Thinking 2011 at Queens University Belfast.

The Key to Learning curriculum has breadth and diversity and offers specially designed optimal learning experiences (Story Grammar, Visual-Spatial, Sensory Maths, Developmental Games, Artographics, Logic, Creative Modelling, Exploration, Mathematics, Construction, You-Me-World and Expressive Movement) that amplify development but does not accelerate it. It is based on a systematic introduction of children to sensory standards and Visual-Modelling. Children independently construct object-based, graphic and motor models and use them for solving cognitive problems. It develops symbolic literacy and introduces different psychological tools (signs, symbols, maps, diagrams, models, plans and above all language). This approach makes it possible to substantially increase the developmental effect of education and its influence on the development of cognitive abilities. It helps children to become independent learners. It teaches Giftedness!
Galina Dolya P


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